Pride & Groom - The Sensitive One Dog Shampoo

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THE SENSITIVE ONE Shampoo, Fresh signature scent and THE FINAL COAT conditioner, Quinoa and althaea officials root, Soothe, nourish, regulate skin and follicles.

  • Fresh signature Scent
  • ALL NATURAL : No sulphates, parabens, gluten, toxins, dies and silicons
  • Supports the health of skin and coat with a powerful blend of essential oils
  • Made in the USA
  • Perfect for Dogs with Sensitive skin and Puppies
  • Available in 16oz and Gallon sizes (Gallons are a 16:1 concentration)

Our signature cone-shaped dispenser makes for an effortless yet effective bathing experience, allowing the bather to single-handedly work the product into the coat and skin. The absence of a pump and tube ensures your pup reaps the benefits of every last drop. 

There’s always one in the bunch, and for your sensitive one, something a little more calming might be in order. THE SENSITIVE ONE is formulated with ingredients aimed to soothe and regulate the skin and follicles of these gentler souls so they can get to the business of dogging in comfort and peace.

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