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Aphora Botanicals
About Aphora Aphora is all about wellness rituals created to immerse our senses and help us lead a spirit -centered lifestyle. We value safe, clean, natural, plant-based products while appreciating the gifts mother nature delivers us. Steeped in tradition, crafted with purity, and ignited through ritual. Established in 2016, Aphora Botanicals is a luxury handcrafted soapery and wellness advocacy brand based in Marin, California. We produce aromatherapy clay soaps, bath and body products, and soy candles handcrafted the way nature intended. Our products contain no synthetic fragrance oils or other harmful chemicals, and we pride ourselves on conscientiously selecting organic and sustainable ingredients from reputable sources, that are safe, vegan and cruelty free. As a woman-owned family run multi-generational company we strive to support and make a difference in part through our ongoing contribution to the lives and communities of the BARAKA women who are active in sustaining and contributing... More
Brownie's Pet Boutique
Unveiling Our Pet-Passionate Journey: The Heartwarming Story Behind the Best Pet Store in Marin County. Brownie's Pet Boutique is the dream of a young Chilean couple that left everything behind to move into the US to open this store in the charming Larkspur downtown.   After a careful research that includes visiting the best well known Pet Boutiques in the US and assisting to the world biggest Pet Industry Expositions, Brownie's Pet Boutique opened their doors on March 18th 2023.   All our products are carefully studied and selected ensuring we only have the tastiest natural treats, high quality food and local craft made accessories like collars, leashes and more!  We work to ensure we offer our customers the close knit community feeling that characterizes Marin County.  Come to visit us with your doggie & family to meet Brownie, the store owner. Our inspiration to open this beautiful store in this amazing place.
Ceto Home
About I believe that our environment impacts our mood and our overall sense of well-being. The items we bring into our home should not only be a reflection of ourselves but carry with them a positive energy. Handmade goods not only have the incredible ability to bring character and beauty to our space but also to impact the lives of the artisans that make them. My designs are both inspired by and brought to life through the handmade process. I have always been drawn to traditional arts and crafts from around the world. I see my prints as a mix of these global influences and the laidback design aesthetic of my native California. Spread love, joy, and of course good design with Ceto Home’s handcrafted home decor. - Samantha Artisan Made Our pillows are hand printed using intricately carved wooden blocks in a traditional stamping method. Made by experienced artisans in a studio committed to sustainability and inclusivity. The artisans and tailors that make our pillows are paid a living... More
Eureka Tortilla
A Eureka moment Welcome to a brand new category of craft tortilla. Eureka is on a mission to create something different. Something delicious. Something with fresh, local flavors baked right in. No longer is a the tortilla a mere vessel to transport flavors from plate to mouth. We’re making it the star of the plate, no matter how you enjoy it. Make them a snack or make them a meal, our sweet and savory flavor combinations will exceed your expectations and spark your imagination. A NOTE FROM OUR FOUNDERS Hi. We’re Henri and Belén Revel, the husband and wife team behind Eureka Tortilla. Back in 2018, we had what you might call our “Eureka moment.” Inspired by Belén’s Latin roots and entrepreneurial spirit, along with my passion for, well, tortillas we created Eureka Tortilla! Since 2018 we've assembled a small group of passionate industry experts and obsessive food lovers to chart new tortilla territory. They’re different. They’re delicious. And they’re packed with the freshest... More
Illustrated Marin
Kristyn Merritt is a multimedia artist who has worked for such colorful companies as Nickelodeon and Glossier. Beyond creating, she also teaches art at local elementary schools, hosts art parties, and serves as the Vice Chair of the San Rafael Public Art Review Board. She is experienced in acrylics, watercolors, colored pencils, resin, screen printing, digital illustration, and more.
Refill Mercantile
The Refill Mercantile Journey Welcome to Refill Mercantile!! So happy you are here on this low waste journey with us! Remember the days when our parents reused everything until it wasn't reusable anymore? My mom would reuse plastic sandwich bags, containers food came in, I wore hand-me-down clothes from cousins and she made a lot of my clothes until got curves. This was also about the time when she went back to work. Enter TV dinners with all kinds of waste and nothing reusable. This was the late 1980's early 1990's. The age of my friends moms and mine going to work and us kids getting take out or prepared meals. This was also about the time when plastic bottles became a real thing. And we just tossed them! I cringe thinking back to the change but if we knew then what we know now, would things be different? Convenience took over so we could have that short amount of family time that was leftover from working and commuting. Convenience is key! Being a single mom then living... More
Sustainable for Good
MEET THE ARTIST AND OWNER Sustainable For Good thrives under the dedicated leadership of Rebecca Plachte-Zuieback, the creative force behind every aspect of the operation. From handcrafting our products to shaping the website, handling photography, crafting content, managing shipping, and more, Rebecca is deeply involved at every step. Her academic journey includes a BA in Cultural Anthropology and a Masters of Science in Nursing Education. Transitioning from her role as an ICU Nurse, Rebecca now focuses wholeheartedly on nurturing her business, where her passions for creativity, environmental advocacy, education, and community converge seamlessly. Outside her entrepreneurial pursuits, she enjoys moments with her husband and three kids, fueled by ample cups of coffee and the immersive world of audiobooks. SUSTAINABLE FOR GOOD Sustainable For Good is a woman-owned eco shop curating products for an earth-friendly lifestyle. Our mission? To guide you towards lasting sustainability! The majority... More